Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Navigator V6.0 grand public

- Cost-effective business management software growth

December 8, is a new generation of aircraft Navigator V6.0 available commercial version of a grand. The launch of this product are the healthy development of flight software is another milestone on the road, because it is occupied for the largest domestic market capacity, the most growth potential of the group - growing SMEs.

SMEs often domestic growth through entrepreneurship, survival, expansion, maturity and development stage. Many SMEs in business after a difficult stage, faced with how to play their competitive advantage through survival, resulting in more stable development. In particular, many of today's external market shocks, the pressure to reduce costs, integrate various resources only to reduce costs? ! At this point, companies need a suitable location and develop their own features, management concepts mature, cost-effective management software. To do this, aviation software is nearly twenty years with experience, for all stages of business development growth characteristics, with emphasis on standardized management processes, functional and pragmatic, easy to operate, flexible and controllable management platform, showing a flight software is set up for many years Experience crystal: a growth business for ERP Boutique - Navigator V6.0.

Air Navigator V6.0 is the new version including the business elite, Business Excellence Edition and three versions industrial version. Located in the internal growth of SMEs in different industries and management needs. December 8, Navigator Business Edition grand available, will also be held across the country tour briefing, full of navigation are integrated edge and enterprises around the world more in-depth knowledge and understanding of navigation who cast a successful information management in SMEs confidence.

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